Expressive Zine! 2017 Registration (Free Arts Program for LGBTQ+ Halton Youth of Colour)

Expressive Zine! 2017 Registration

Expressive Zine! Is the Positive Space Network’s first ever 9 week FREE arts program for LGBTQ+ youth of color from across the Halton Region. This will provide an opportunity for racialized and Indigenous youth to meet each other in this unique space just for them. Throughout the program there will be guest artists to assist them on their creative projects. The 9th week will feature a coffee house led by the youth!!

Applications are due at 5:00pm – Tuesday, Feb 7th

What is the Positive Space Network?

The Positive Space Network (PSN) was awarded a 4-year Youth Opportunities Fund grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation in 2014. We are now growing and have opened a dedicated LGBTQ+ youth space at St Luke’s Community Centre! Through education, visibility, awareness, and supportive programming, the Positive Space Network envisions a future in which diverse LGBTQ+ youth, individuals, and families live in a welcoming and supportive community.

For more information contact Beckham Ronaghan, LGBTQ+ Youth Coordinator at 289-208-0886 or

PSN embraces equity and inclusion principals and encourages applications from individuals of all sexual orientations, gender identities, gender expressions, persons living with a disability, people of colour, First Nations, Inuit, Metis, and all other equity seeking groups to self identify when applying.

Positive Space Network, 504 Iroquois Shore Road Unit 12A Oakville L6H 3K4
Beckham Ronaghan @ 289-208-0886 or

Please see the Registration Tab below for a link to the Registration Form
( Applicants do not have to give their legal name )

“What will I get out of being part of Express Zine?”

  • Opportunities to make friends and find community with other LGBTQ+ racialized or Indigenous youth
  • A chance to draw, write, perform and compile it all into a Zine
  • Opportunities to develop tons of skills related to collaboration, leadership, and communication
  • Opportunities to lead a coffee house to showcase and exhibit your work to the community

“What will I have to do?”

  • Recommended that you attend all of the weeks leading to the coffee house/ exhibit
  • Create different types of art (Visual, written, spoken word, sing etc.)

“Where is it located and how do I get there?”

All meetings are 4:30pm-7:30pm on Thursdays at St. Luke’s Community Centre located at 3114 Dundas Street West, Oakville.

***Please note: we can help with transportation to and from our program if needed for participants.

For more information, please contact:

Positive Space Network, 504 Iroquois Shore Road Unit 12A Oakville L6H 3K4 Contact: Jess Kiley @ 905-320-0740 or Beckham Ronaghan @ 289-208-0886 or

  • Deadline for registration is 5:00pm – Tuesday, Feb 7, 2017
  • Please submit registration to Via Online Registration Form: FILL OUT FORM
  • All participants will receive an email within 2 business days of submission
Expressive Zine Program Schedule Feb 9- Introductions and Program Overview


Feb 16 – Theme 1 – #GayMediasSoWhite • First project (pick one) · Create your own magazine cover that solely has LGBTQ+ people of colour (POC) · Emotive Prompt/ Short Story from the perspective of a person of colour performer · Create a performance/ spoken word/ song/ skit based on the theme

Feb 23 – Work on first project

Mar 2 – Theme 2 – Confronting Stereotypes • Guest Speaker 1 • Second project (pick one) · Create a comic page or political cartoon based on a LGBTQ POC stereotype · Writing with various thematic prompts · Create a performance/ spoken word/ song/ skit based on the theme Mar 9- Work on second project

Mar 16 – Theme 3 – #My Body is a Good Body • Guest Speaker 2 • Third project (pick one) · Create a self-portrait that makes you feel proud (sketch/ paint/ photo) · Write a poem/ short story/ diary entry based on the prompt · Create a performance/ spoken word/ song/ skit based on the theme Mar 18 – Photo Project with Guest Speaker 2

Mar 30 – Event Planning, project completion, celebration

April 6 – Coffee House and Exhibit Day – Exact date to be decided!